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IP (Intellectual Property)

Patents | Trademarks | Copyrights

We offer friendly consultations by experienced patent experts. We also offer professional analysis, speedy and accurate patent application processing. Park Law Firm values inventions by all inventors.

  • Friendly consultation by experienced patent experts
  • Professional research, analysis, and opinions
  • Timely and accurate patent prosecution
  • Serving independent investor to the major corporations with professional care


Intellectual Property | Business

Our experienced attorneys help our clients obtain and protect their intellectual property rights and defend against claims of infringement.?With extensive background in various fields of engineering and science, our team of attorneys, patent agents, and intellectual property specialists work together for the best result possible for our clients.? We serve established corporations, both large and small, to strategically plan, develop, establish, manage, and grow their intellectual property portfolio proactively to meet their ever-changing corporate needs through patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, valuation, acquisition, providing professional opinions, litigation, and trial.


Welcome Message

Welcome! Park Law Firm has been serving its clients since 1995. Ths firm is headed by a team of leading Patent, Trademark, Copyright, and Litigation attorneys. Recommended by experts and clients alike, Park Law Firm pursues legal excellence.